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Tajima Tool

Category: Tools
Tajima Tool
Subcategory: Applicators
Tools: Caulking Guns

Tajima's 360 degree rotating handle caulking guns lay a smooth, quality bead even in tight spaces.

Tajima Tool
Subcategory: Measuring & Marking
Tools: Chalk Reels / Snap Lines, Tape Measures

Tajima Tool carries ink & chalk snap-lines & tape measures.

Tajima Tool
Subcategory: Layout & Leveling
Tools: Angle Meters, Plumb Bob Setters, Plumb Bobs

Tajima's angle meters with dual angle and rise scales align using a bubble vial for fast measurement, verification or repetitive setting of angles or slopes.

Tajima Tool
Subcategory: Cutting
Tools: Blade Knives, Pull Stroke Saws

Tajima's pull-stroke saws and snap-blade knives are equipped with ultra-sharp, aggressive-cut blades that make precise cuts.

Tajima Tool
Subcategory: Scraping
Tools: Scrapers

Tajima's multipurpose scraping tools feature reversible blades and square blades with three standard scraping edges.